Safety Rules

Played Out Fun Centre provides a safe, clean, and stimulating environment for physically active children aged 12 and under to play in and explore. The centre’s supervised, visually open play area will ensure children’s safety, while challenging them to reach, think, interact, explore, and have fun.

We understand how important the safety of your children is, that’s why we have taken our safety measures even further by placing an identification bracelet on the parents’/guardians’ arm as well as their children’s arm. Each bracelet has the same number for each family.

safety2• Played Out Fun Centre is a SOCKS ONLY facility.

• Participants should use the equipment in a safe and responsible manner to prevent person injury and property damage.

• Access to the large equipment is restricted to those who meet the age requirements.

• Jewelry and loose articles should be removed before entering the play area.

• Please alert staff to any medical condition that may require assistance.

• Parents or guardians assume full responsibility and liability for children while on the premises.

• Children should be accompanied by a parent and guardian at all times.

• Played Out Fun Centre is a non smoking facility.

• Gum chewing is not permitted in the play area.

• For your safety, no rough play is permitted.

• Participants are not permitted to engage in hazardous play of any kind.

• Played Out Fun Centre is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property brought into or stored on the premises.

• No food or drink allowed outside of the eating area.

• Played Out Fun Centre reserves the right to request anyone who violates these rules to leave the facility immediately.

• Played Out Fun Centre reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.