Our Story


tara1Hello and welcome to Played Out Fun Centre! That’s my daughter Amelia and I in the play structure. When you visit this kid Mecca you will instantaneously see all the hard work and attention to details my team accomplished to make Played Out Fun Centre child and family focused.

It all began four years ago when my oldest daughter Amelia wanted and needed a place to run, climb, and be active during inclement weather (here in Saint John we have our share). I myself wanted a safe, comfortable, and clean establishment to relax and play with my child without the feeling of being an annoyance to other adults without children present. I began to attend local groups that met at scheduled times and on scheduled days, but this did not always fit into my daughter’s nap schedule or my personal daily routine. I thought there must be something better. So, I began my dream you see today.

My dream was put on the back burner for a time due to the birth of my second daughter Ava and building a home. Once I returned to work, as I am a practical nurse and certified as an operating room technician I began to talk to other moms to see if there was a need.

Last fall I passed out a survey in the greater Saint John area and was amazed with the responses. Thank-you to everyone who took their time to reply to my survey. I knew now others were also in need. I had to bring my vision to completion. Kids needed a large place to go to no matter the time of day.

The next year was difficult with finding a location, suppliers, applying for loans, and creating a business plan. It was another full-time job on top of the one I already had. It would not have happened without my husband’s support. He works shift work and had to rearrange his schedule to help with the household tasks I normally did, and look after our girls more often by himself; to allow me time for meetings.