Our Mission

Primarily a party facility, Played Out Fun Centre is an entertainment centre catering to the growing desires of parents to see their children learning, growing, and nurtured as they play.    A child recreation complex that offers age specific structures for children to master through play.

The open concept allows the parent/guardian to remain in visual contact with their child on any of the play structures from either the infant area or eating area.  Parents who wish to participate in play with their child can easily do so, on the largest play structure for children five years old and older.

Children from age two to four have their own play structure suited for size and physical ability.  The infant area has rubber floors for crawlers, automatic swings for sleepy babies, play modules and activity tables for active ones, and comfortable leather sofas for nursing moms.  The infant and tot area is encompassed by a three foot high tot fence to prevent the little ones from mingling in amongst the older children.