Healthy Teeth, Healthy Children: How to Make Your Child Enjoy Visiting the Dentist

Taking your toddler to see the dentist can be such a pain especially because most kids hate the visit. Children’s dentistry may have seen so many horrors regarding appointments that include screaming and crying kids who think going to the dentist can kill them.

As a parent, you would know well that such visits can ultimately improve your child’s oral hygiene and also help him/her start on excellent habits to take care of his/her teeth. Dentist trips are inevitable that is why you might as well think of ways for your toddler to enjoy the time at a dental clinic, or at least get him/her see your point.

Here are some tips you may want to consider if you want your child to be as good as an angel when the word dentist or teeth cleaning is mentioned.


  • Have your child visit the dentist at a young age. Most children’s dentistry clinics in Calgary SE would swear on the success of this tip. If you want your tot to get used to his/her dentist, you should consider taking him/her at around a year old, when the first tooth becomes visible. The baby might feel quite scared at first but if you make the appointments a regular one and with the same dentist, you will find that your kid would warm up to the routine making the succeeding visits successful and relaxed.
  • Briefly explain and be mindful of what you mention to your child. If you are making your kid warm up to the idea of visiting the dentist for a check-up, make your explanations as brief as possible. This is to avoid scared questions from the child. Also, keep a positive reinforcement attitude when explaining. Remember, you don’t want your child to get scared so positive attitude is important. In addition, try not to mention the word pain or hurt when explaining to your child. This will prevent them from getting anxious.
  • As support to the second tip, you may want to explain the visit in terms of words or situations he/she can understand. Maybe you could tell your tot that the dentist will have to count his/her teeth or check if he/she has a great smile. You may also want to use, references from his/her favorite cartoon characters to emphasize on the importance of going to the dentist.
  • You may want to play with your child a pretend visit to the dentist. This will also warm him/her up to the idea. You could count his/her teeth, show the choppers using the mirror. However, avoid making scary sounds like a drill going through the teeth. This will cause unease on the child’s part. Also, you can get your child to play the role of the dentist, too.
  • Do not take your child when you have your own dentist appointment. You may unconsciously feel some anxiety when you have your own dentist visit that your child might sense. If this happens, it will make him/her more apprehensive with the idea of having his/her own appointment.
  • Do not bribe your children into going to the dentist. Again this is not exactly positive reinforcement. For example you would say, “if you behave well during the check-up, you will get a sweet treat after.” This may make your toddler think what is so bad with visiting the dentist that will make me not behave well.


Fussing is normal for a child, so when this happens do not panic but stay calm. Most children’s dentistry clinics in Calgary SE have staff who can respond well to such a ruckus so you do not have to worry that much.



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